Simple Affiliate Links.

Generating deep content affiliate links is a painful, time consuming process - copy the url, visit the right affiliate provider website, paste the url, copy the html, repeat. With SnapLinker just press a button and you're done.

Price check icon.

Price Detection

SnapLinker automatically detects sale and retail prices on most websites.

Generate html icon.

Html Generation

No more writing the same copy over and over again. Let SnapLinker handle the work for you.

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Social Media

Once you've perfected your link easily share it on social media.

Desired product page

1. Find an interesting product or page on an affiliate website.

You might just be surfing the site or while writing content you search for specific products or content to link to on the company's website.

SnapLinker bookmarklet

2. Push the button.

SnapLinker runs as a bookmarklet. Simply push the button in your browser's toolbar and we'll do the rest.

SnapLinker bookmarklet ui

3. SnapLinker does the rest.

SnapLinker will detect the retail and sale prices automatically, generate affilate links and build html for your website.